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7107 International Music Festival: Anong Shit Nito?

Alright, we must admit it: we, the Shit Keepers, are big fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and were more than just happy to hear that they were coming here–we were positively thrilled. An opportunity to hear Californication performed live, with all that crisp bass and finger-licking guitar? Hearing some solid stadium rock anthems from these rockers instead of a shitty cover band while nursing a beer in some shady bar in Malate? GOD DAMN IT, DO YOU SEE? Are we on the same page now?


(And this has got to be a pretty big but, because we are talking about watching live a band we have worshipped since we painted our nails black as an homage to these men.)

We need to have a talk, 7107 International Music Festival organizers. We all dig ourselves into a hole sometimes, and we, for the love of RHCP, are here to prevent you from turning that hole into a grave.

A brief background, for the uninitiated: the lead-up to the announcement of the complete lineup for #7107IMF was a looong, torturous ride (from late last year all the way into 2014), littered with random “flash sales” and “early bird promos” and positively buried under rumors of performing international acts ranging from outlandish to just plain absurd. Kanye West? MGMT? Daft Punk? Drake? Arctic Monkeys? BEYONCE AND JAY??? As is the case when reality < expectations, naturally quite a number of people were disappointed (to say the least) when none of the acts they had so fervently wished for turned up on the roster. Needless to say, the fact that they started selling tickets (and promoting said tickets) before the complete lineup was revealed was shady as fuck, and felt an awful lot like gambling, except minus the cigar smoke and the noise of slot machines.

So first off, what the fuck is your much-touted 7107 street team doing?

Going viral on Facebook: parody of the #7107IMF lineup

Oh sure, they did a great job hyping it up, but see this backlash? The burden is on your shoulders now to dispel all the negativity and banish the critics to a special circle of hell. This should be no problem for your street team–college athletes, showbiz personalities, partygoing aficionados who all should be used to the rise and fall of public opinion. By which we mean: the public will always turn, Jesus, were you people born yesterday? Y’all can’t be that young.

And yet what have they done? Just kept shouting at the free peoples of the Internet, banging on their drums and fanning the flames even more.



Oh, ye children. Hustlers gonna hustle, and all, but you need to be smarter, guys.  So much havoc could have been wreaked with all this eager manpower (spampower???).

And then let’s talk patrons. If it hasn’t been made blindingly obvious by the choice of promoters displayed above, this is a bourgeois party, and you can’t sit with us. Yes, we are aware that the Philippines has indeed been hailed as an economic rising star; however, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to the organizers that they would be construed as a possible money laundering scheme by Janet Napoles‘ cohorts. To be certain, they were certainly quick to nip this particular story in the bud: read their response here.

We’ve been to a few concerts both here and abroad, and have come to the consensus that Php10,000 for a general admission pass (no promo) is a decent prize for the top four headlining acts alone: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Empire of the Sun, Kaskade, and Kendrick Lamar. Consider that these are acclaimed musical acts that have never been to the Philippines before. Consider also that the 10k price tag is for a two-day music festival featuring a bunch of other artists. When Maroon 5 performed in the Philippines last September 2012, patron VIP tickets cost the same price. So, shrug: it’s a matter of taste, we guess.

Where the #7107IMF peeps fucked up (and fucked up spectacularly) is not taking into account that they are catering to a large and loud audience who are willing to pay, but who don’t like being teased and led on. (A little expectations management goes a long way, bud!) They know what to expect. These kids have probably been to Coachella, or Laneway, or Tomorrowland. If you’re going to build up all this hype, you better be prepared to give them what they paid for. If you promised a large international lineup and didn’t deliver, well, then, can you blame the public for pointing at you and calling you a sham? No one likes paasas (like cabs that have their light on even when they already have a passenger).

Really not the way we would have handled things, darling. (Tina Herrera is the executive producer of 7107 International Music Festival.)

Sooo many things about the festival were shady and could have been done so much better. For example, how exactly will proceeds benefit victims of Typhoon Yolanda? Did they partner up with a charity or an NGO? Is Red Hot Chili Peppers secretly going to sing to the victims the way Justin Bieber did (oh, God, we just compared RHCP to Bieber, help)? Details, please.

And so, we must ask our dear #7107IMF team:


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