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Nancy Binay: ANONG SHIT MO?

Hello, world! The Shit Keepers are back! Just in time for the campaign season, when the air is fresher and the garbage smells sweeter because the politicians are the one stinking up the atmosphere. Campaign season, you say? Well, dear readers, we make it clear: this is hunting season, and it is up to you if you become the hunter or the prey. 😉 We have no intention of being shot down by false hope and empty promises, so we’re taking potshots of our own. Top of the list…you guessed it. NANCY BINAY, COME ON UP!

This is Nancy Binay at the 2012 State of the Nation Address at the Batasang Pambansa. I’m pretty sure this is the closest that dear Nancy has been to actually doing something for this country.

And yet, what is this? We find dear Nancy on the ballot as a member of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) senatorial slate. Not just ON the slate–but LEADING IT! Did someone RSVP Toby Tiangco “regret to inform u cannot make it to senate in 2013 tnx 4 invite”? [Clue: Shmoey de Shmenecia III would like to focus on making money] Because we cannot for the life of us recall Nancy Binay doing anything…except being the daughter of Vice President Jejomar Binay.


WHY, NANCY, WHY? Was the great city of Makati too small for your ambitions? We here at ANONG SHIT MO? would like to get a copy of the resume Nancy is holding in the picture, so we can then proceed to use it as scratch paper–God knows it will be blank enough.

Nancy Binay graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Tourism at the University of the Philippines-Diliman. She served as personal assistant to her father during his term as mayor and for housing concerns after his election in 2010. The 39-year-old Nancy Binay has been part of UNA as deputy secretary-general. (source)

Thanks for clearing that up, Rappler! Must have been hard going through all her achievements and squeezing it all in one paragraph, GET YOUR EDITOR SOME CAKE, OKAY?

At least she has made her allegiances clear, supporting UNA’s “daang maganda” with her statements on “Black is beautiful!” UUUUMMMM, HATE TO BREAK IT TO YOU, GIRL. You are not black. You are not African-American. Black History Month just ended, girl. Stop offending people with your face.

And can we please move on from this “Kay Binay, gaganda ang buhay” shit?

More like gaganda ang buhay…kung ikaw ay isang Binay. According to this article, dear Nancy is against the divorce bill because she thinks “the government should strengthen the family, not break it up”–yes, we definitely would NOT want to break up the ties that bind. Strengthen the Binay dynasty! Viva Binay!

One look at her Twitter bio and a cursory Google search, and it’s obvious what her angle is: “mom to 4 kids and wife”? Being reluctant to run but finally becoming convinced that it was for the good of the nation? Oh sweetie, you are no Cory Aquino. Again, stop offending people with your face.

We would write more, but we have nothing else to go upon. As in, we literally ran out of things to talk about because she hasn’t done anything. She has nothing, guys. No public advocacy. No previous legislative experience. No major shining accomplishments in civic society. She wants you to vote for her because:

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 7.25.54 PM

Yup, we’re out. We leave you with this:

Yes po. Binay candy po yan. Ibang level ng epalitician! Edible na!

And as always, we ask you this, dear Mrs. Maria Lourdes Sombilao Binay:



Related reading: A scathing op-ed on the Philippine Daily Inquirer which just about sums it all up.

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Mitos Magsaysay: ANONG SHIT MO?

Playing the victim (and playing it well)

Ah, Mitos.

A little past 7 AM on August 07, Tueday morning, as a southwest monsoon drenched the nation, Ms. Outstanding Congressman 2004-2009 made some waves herself by tweeting:

Save for the gloomy and foreboding tone, we might have let that one slip. After all, what are the chances that she is referring to *drum roll please* House Bill 4244? A majority of lawmakers had moved to end debates on the said bill and open the floor for amendments just the previous day. Cong. Magsaysay has been one of the more, shall we say, vocal opponents of the bill, claiming her stand is based not on religion or morality.

But how could anyone be thinking of the RH Bill at a time of grave calamity??? (More than you think, apparently. Gotta love the logic and reason on display here.)

Netizens immediately jumped into the fray, chastising the Zambales solon for her tweet.

Not one to shy away, Cong. Magsaysay then assumed her defensive stance and began crying foul, claiming the critics misinterpreted her tweet, which was *of course* a lament for the sad state of our forests.

Okay. We believe you. I mean, SRSLY U GUISE. She’s been so busy packing relief goods and coordinating rescue operations the whoooole day, she does not have time to worry about contraception and the wrath of God, okay? In fact, she positively resents any allegations to the contrary.

But with Twitter folk still hitting her left and right about getting to the root of the problem (root…deforestation…get it? Harhar), Rep. Magsaysay started to throw some punches of her own…at Budget Secretary Butch Abad, whom she claims has been holding funds hostage for the past two years.

Ah, okay. Favorite topic?

For those who are interested, the rest of the Magsaysay family hadn’t been sitting around twiddling their thumbs – oh no siree. They’ve been selflessly sacrificing their time and…what do we have here.

MMMMM. Jobo Rice. Best with a nice warm glass of ANONGSHITMO? Even if are not an elected official, as your mother has asserted several times, and just, you know, running for Congress in 2013, there is something inherently wrong with plastering your face all over relief goods. “Mga sinalanta ng bagyo! Ako si Jobo Magsaysay at ito ang biyayang ibibigay ko sayo. Sumamba sa aking paa! Halik! Halik sa lupa!”

And just like any momma bear, Mitos defended her (insensitive) (irresponsible) (epal) cub, stating that the rice is NOT from the National Food Administration nor, for that matter, from any other government agency because (and here we go again) hey oh! She doesn’t have her priority development assistance fund! She doesn’t have her priority development assistance fund! Wala daw talaga!

Crab mentali!” (truly a rousing war chant for the history books) Is it *bad* to sell commercial rice with Jobo Magsaysay’s face all over it? I mean, he isn’t even a politician…yet. Come on guys. This a commendable effort.

I need to mop up all the sarcasm dripping from that paragraph. Hold on.

I make the tentative suggestion that perhaps the heavens are crying over her hypocrisy and lack of tact.

Since you seem so eager to engage citizens on the Internet (oh wait, wasn’t that you who blocked people on Twitter for debating you on the RH Bill?), we ask you this, dear Ms. Ma. Milagros Mitos Habana Magsaysay:


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